Detox and Colon Cleanse Weight Loss: Cure for Constipation?

If you are frequently constipated, one thing that goes through your mind is, what is “blocking me?” The short answer is, food! There are certain kinds of food that will trigger constipation, as there are certain kinds of food that will help you relieve and even prevent constipation. Have you visited any forums or blogs on colon health and constipation? Chances are, people are talking about their miracle cures, their diet plans and their colon cleanse weight loss combination therapies. But what does this mean?

Detoxing the body means that you’re helping your body go back to its natural and healthy state? How is this done? By drinking a lot of water (as it acts as lubricant), by drinking especially prepared detox juices and teas (which help break down food that is just stubborn) and also by undergoing colonic weight loss therapy or a colon hydrotherapy procedure. Unlike enema, colonics is more specialized and will require you to go to a specially trained person (most of the time it’s a registered nurse, a medical attendant, a physician’s attendant or even a doctor!). Water will slowly be introduced into the large intestines through a nozzle and tube thru the rectum. Then the water will be reversed so it can flow out with all the toxins that have been clinging to the mucus lining of the intestines. Get rid of this hardened waste matter and you will lose weight!