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How exactly do we come to suffer from constipation? Of course, the most obvious problems have to do with going with the wrong kind of diet – too much processed and refined food, too little fiber, too little water to drink , not going to the bathroom when you have the urge and staying put without moving a limb for too long. But there are things you can do that have nothing to do with how you treat your tummy, that can still make it difficult for you to go. Did you know that there are certain supplements or medicines you can take, and certain health problems you can have that can be active causes of constipation too? Here’s a short list of some of those hidden causes.

If you are over 40, you have probably heard your friends speak of their thyroid gland – in the context of having it working overtime or not working enough at all. People who have an underactive thyroid gland see their bodies slowing down in every way. Often, even their digestion slows down. When that happens, what they often get is constipated. Hypothyroidism, as it is known to the technically inclined, is one of the least suspected causes of constipation with anyone who complains of the problem. You should probably take it up with your doctor if you have trouble finding a regular solution to your condition.

We live in a time when chronic pain for one or another reason is the part of more people’s lives than ever before. With such a large number of people living on pain killers, one unintended effect the doctors usually get to see is chronic constipation.

Because these capsules are not enteric coated, always swallow them in the middle of a big meal Although acidophilus means, “acid loving,” they can only just barely survive passage beyond the very acidic human stomach. Indeed, most of the beneficial bacteria in yogurt, including bulgaricus and thermophilus, are almost entirely killed off by the hydrochloric acid in the human stomach.Some acidophilus supplement makers add bifidus, which has been shown to increase the survival of acidophilus beyond the human stomach. Other acidophilus supplement makers sell enteric coated capsules, which melt open in the small intestines instead of the stomach.However, because this product is not enteric coated, swallowing these capsules when the stomach is empty will likely kill almost all of the acidophilus because of the extremely low pH (extremely strong acidity) of an empty stomach: [Please click "Comment" below]Drinking organic fat free milk is one good way of keeping acidophilus numerous. An even better way would be to swallow “prebiotic” capsules (psyllium husk capsules) daily. Psyllium capsules will (1)feed the good bacteria and dramatically increase their numbers, (2)prevent constipation, (3)prevent colorectal cancer, (4)improve cholesterol numbers, (5)cause weight loss, (6)provide soluble fiber, which contains powerful antioxidants, (7)increase bowel volume, and (8)speed up transit time (increase bowel frequency).

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