Putting a stop to constipation problems

One good bowel movement per day is the minimum or you need constipation relief. Two or three per day is fine but not required. If your system gets constipated it is a major plumbing problem and consequently stresses all aspects of detoxification. Many times adequate fiber (Fiber Helper™) is enough to keep your bowels moving along and suggestions given in the previous section help clear toxins that can otherwise promote constipation. Constipation relief is important. Poopdoc formula 1 does teh job. Look for The Colon Health Store (colonhealthstore.co.uk).

Nerves stimulate the muscles of your small and large intestine, a process referred to as bowel motility. When motility is synchronized by rhythms then your bowels move along, massaging the fiber and other contents within, and moving those contents along the production line of normal digestion of nutrition and elimination of waste. Constipation relief to cure the symptoms of constipation for good.

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