Spiritual Growth

Religious advancement is an internal process, not only for individuals seeking spiritual awakening, and who reside in monasteries or ashrams, but to get every one. Religious growth is important for a better, happier and more beneficial life, free from stress and strain, fear and anxiety. Actually, this term isn’t correct and is misleading. The spirit has already been an inseparable part of the One Spirit, which is just present everywhere. This knowledge and comprehension is hidden beneath ideas, desires, emotions and habits. What you should do is to remove exactly what hides this knowledge and comprehension.
Spiritual growth is the procedure for getting rid of wrong theories, ideas and beliefs about who you are and about the world wherein you live. By means of this process, you increase your consciousness of your real essence, which is just beyond the self and the character. Within this process there is negative and limiting habits, erroneous ideas and beliefs, and allow the internal self within you shine out. It is a procedure for looking inside you, shedding your delusions and discovering your true essence, which is constantly present, but hidden beyond the self character. Circumstances and situations don’t affect your mind-set. The capability to rise above discouragement, disappointment and negative feelings. More common sense and see things as they surely. Imagine a radiant lightbulb of light, hidden beneath layers of numerous substances. In order to allow the light of the lightbulb shine out and illuminate the environment, you do not have to improve the light or change the lightbulb. How do you remove the levels which are covering the light of the inner self? This involves some inner work.
You may do that inner work, without altering something in your environment. All that you need is a strong desire, determination and plan your day right, in order that you find the time to get this internal work. Learn to focus the mind and remove pointless thoughts. Associate with individuals, who went by means of this process. Developing a certain level of emotional detachment will be very useful, in order that external conditions would have less impact on the mind and moods. Acknowledge the fact that you’re really a spirit with really a physical body, not really a physical body with really a spirit. If you can accept this idea, it’ll change your attitude towards many things in your life. Look inside you, and try to figure out what it’s that makes you feel alive.

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